About Me

Brand and marketing communication buff. Customer experience and touchpoint champion. Worships at the alter of differentiation. Loves to write. Thinks he can write. Probably can’t write squat. Bitten by a shutter bug. Loves to travel. Loves cats. Wife hates cats. Loves monkeys as pets. Wife hates monkey as pets. Likes to cook. Junk food are unjustly maligned. Food that gives joy cant be junk. Adores Manchester United. Sir Alex is on equal footing with Winston Churchill. Crickets means silence. A creationist. Jesus exists outside exclamations and cussing.  

And yea, that’s me jumping out of a perfectly good plane. Dude wanted a picture with me. he would do anything for it. Including strapping himself to me. Yea, I have that effect on people. 

Hope you find something interesting on the blog.

Contact:  iamjidealade@gmail.com