About Me

I’m not going to kid you. A brand marketer wasn’t what I wanted to be. Growing up, I wanted to be a jet fighter pilot. Blow up lots of stuff. At various times, I also wanted to be Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris,  Batman or a ninja.

Fancy that. A Bruce Lee that is also a jet fighter pilot!

I suppose being in brand marketing isn’t the worst profession in the world. You get to use geekspeak that makes you sound more intelligent than you really are. But compared to leaving napalm in your wake, I suspect I traded down.

So, here we are. Brands, advertising and other silliness. Just about sounds inspired.

PS: That’s also me jumping out of a perfectly good plane below. That dude in the dark sunglasses? He wanted a photograph with me so badly. He’ll do anything for it. Including strapping himself to me.

Yea, I have that effect on people.

And yea, if you want to discuss branding or marketing communication, you can find me at iamjidealade@gmail.com.