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Our man in Havana – I ticked Cuba off my bucket list.


That was me raising my hat to Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos at La Plaza de la Revolución in Havana, Cuba. 

Now, let me impress upon your otherwise chagrined minds that I do not care for communism or its purveyors. I was saluting Che and Camilo only because, well, my picture at La Plaza de la Revolución had to be different. It had to pique curiosity. Besides, everyone in Cuba adores the ‘Revolución.’ 

It’s hard to talk about Cuba without getting into the politics of its destitution. But I’ll try. One thing is for sure: most people don’t drool over Cuba as a vacation hotspot. I mean, it is Cuba. Communism. Privation. Hurricanes. Cuba is where you go when you’ve impregnated a terrorist’s wife or stolen from Los Zetas. But then most people planning a vacation are not Jide Alade. Most people have good sense. Jide does not. Especially when he drags his beauteous wife with him. 

So, why Cuba? 

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