Who is Jide Alade?

By Day…

Branding, advertising and marketing communication buff. Worships at the altar of differentiation, distinctive brand assets, brand codes, salience, and physical and mental availability. Loves to write. Thinks he can write.

By Night…

Bitten by a shutterbug (portfolio on Instagram: @iamjidealade). Movie aficionado. Loves to travel. Love cats. Wife hates cats. Loves monkeys. Wife hates monkeys. Likes to cook. His yam porridge is the stuff of witchcraft. Adores Manchester United. Churchill won one war. Sir Alex won a treble. A creationist. Yup, there’s no name in heaven or on earth by which a man can be saved except through Jesus Christ.

And, oh yeah, that’s me jumping out of a perfectly good plane for no good reason. The dude wanted a picture with me. He would do anything for it, including strapping himself to me. I have that effect on people.

Contact:  iamjidealade@gmail.com

IG: @iamjidealade