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Memories of New York.

No, I didn’t go to NY to consult a dibia! Saw this dude on the subway. Asked him what he did and if I could take his shot. Said he was an artiste before he lost his voice. The interesting people you meet on the New York subway!

So, right. To Uncle Sam.

After junketing through Europe, I flitted across the Atlantic to Gotham. The first city on my US jaunt.

New York may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love it in the city. Unpretentious, vibrant and doesn’t give a rat’s ass (which is ironic, given the huge number of rats in the city). New York wasn’t created for tourists; tourists were created for New York. In Gotham, everyone has places to be and things to do, and if you get in their way, well, you’re gonna know about it.

Whereas my jaunt through Europe had been about history – an ignominious history at that- I was coming to America to eat, sleep and take pictures. It’s been nine months since I was bitten by a radioactive photo bug and I’ve been honing my photography powers. I’m seeing improvements. A lot of my compositions are still rushed and middling and I’m still way behind with post processing/editing. But I’ll get there. You will hear of me!

Oh, wait. You already heard of me!

My US jaunt encompassed New York, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and the Big Easy – New Orleans. With the exception of New York, I was visiting the other cities for the first time. I was particularly looking forward to going to NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana. The food, history and sites are simply remarkable.

This post is more pictures than talk, however. And apologies to peeps in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. There just isn’t anything of note to see in your cities. Massive roads and bridges does not a picture make!

Oh, yea, I went to World of Coca Cola in Atlanta. Great brand spin. They even showed us the supposed vault where the all-important Coke recipe is kept. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything! But it was great to sample Coca Cola’s soda from different markets.

Enough said! Roll tape!

Fulton Street, Brooklyn.
New York is the city of street art. Saw this spot as I walked on the Manhattan Bridge to the Brooklyn end of the bridge.
Colours of New York. Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge 

This shot I really like! Because of the stress involved in taking it. I took the shot from the Manhattan Bridge, through a hole in the wire fence. Amidst the loud and annoying vibrations of the trains that threatened to topple my tripod! There was so much vibration, I didn’t think the tripod was any use. But by perseverance the snail reached the ark!     

The Oculus. Downtown Manhattan.
The Oculus.   
The towering skyscrapers of Manhattan banded together to whisper. They looked down at me as I looked up at them with my 12mm wide angle lens. Gotcha!
Brooklyn Bridge Park. 


DUMBO here is a must-have in the portfolio of any photographer who visits New York. It is always teeming with photographers. On this day, I had to wake up early to hopefully have DUMBO to myself. I got there at 6 am. I met three photographers! We were considerate to one another.  




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